Valia Capital Management is a short-term (typically 1-10 day holds), 100% discretionary futures and options strategy. The primary vehicles utilized in the program are outright futures contracts (long/short), futures spreads (long/short), and options strategies (long, with occasional, highly selective short). Valia Capital aims to utilize the managers’ vast background in futures trading and expertise in several key methods of technical analysis to serve its investors with uncorrelated alpha and highly prudent risk management.

We will share with you some of our key technical patterns and ideas with which we trade and monitor the markets. The beauty of Valia’s discretionary element is that we are not forced to take any trade. We take trades which we believe have a strong possibility of success based on a confluence of multiple technical patterns occurring simultaneously. Here are several of the technical structures which inform our trading, with visual examples (note charts do NOT represent actual Valia trades):

Candlestick Pattern Analysis

Trend Channels

Gann Angles

Trend Lines

Market Profile

Fibonacci Levels


As stated in the above explanations, Valia Capital Management utilizes, but is not limited to, the above technical analysis methods to help determine trading actions. Valia is holistic in the sense that we rely on a comprehensive analysis of markets which take multiple indicators and formations into account before placing a trade. Valia strongly believes in trade planning, and thus dedicates large amounts of time to analyzing charts with multiple technical lenses to help determine trade actions, risk management, and potential profit targets.